Hello Love

long weekend

Oh weekend…how I’ve missed you! The only thing better than the weekend is a long weekend. And the only thing better than a long weekend is a long weekend with zero, repeat ZERO commitments!

I finally get to work on organizing my planner this weekend. I’m only a month behind – which is why I need to work on getting organized. The planner is absolutely adorable and on sale at TJ Maxx. This reminds me that I now have something I have to do this weekend. I’ve almost finished burning my latest mandle – aka candle that smells like a man – that I got for my birthday so I need to pick one up. I may be without a man on Valentine’s Day, but I will not be without a mandle.


Carly Simon’s Boys in the Trees has been a great read so far. I’m such a huge fan of her music, and I love the stories she tells in the book about her childhood. It’s really put a few of her songs in better perspective, and I can’t wait to get the inside scoop on her many loves. Carly + 1970s James Taylor – heroin = Amazing. Actually, I think Sarah + 1970s James Taylor – heroin = Even More Amazing. I was born in the wrong decade. Oh well.

I’m adding to my to do list. Shopping + Reading + Long weekend = Perfection.

What’s on your agenda, lovelies?

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