On Fire: Workout Playlist

Workout Playlist

People who say that they love working out are liars. Ok. Maybe that’s a bit harsh. I’ll rephrase. People who say that they love working out are lovely people who sometimes tell untruths about horrible, disgusting things like exercising. That’s my bubbly way of saying, “Bitch, please!” Loving a workout is like not eating cake on your birthday. I just don’t get it. But I want to. I’m trying to get it. Please, please help me get it. The exercise loving part. Not the no cake on birthdays part.

In the meantime, until I magically wake up with a new-found affection for spin bikes with seats that embed themselves into my ample behind, I trick myself when working out. I have to make the hour or so I’m at the gym about anything other than exercising. Sometimes, it works.

I go to the gym to show off my new workout clothes.

I exercise to catch up with friends. (What this really means is I meet a friend at the gym, and we are in the same room, sweating profusely and checking out the guys checking themselves out in the mirror.)

I work out so that when I say that I can’t go to somewhere, I’m not really lying when I say “I have plans.”

But mostly, I work out for the music. It’s just Me Against the Music.  I get Stronger. No more Toxic thoughts. I just Work B*tch.

Here’s the playlist to prove it!

Relax. It’s not all Britney. Although we could do worse than a Britney only workout mix. It’s a little of everything. I thought I’d share a few of my faves that keep me pounding. And if these songs can keep ME going without stopping (for too long), you know they’re good. Enjoy!

Remember, if Britney Spears can make it through 2007, you can make it through a workout!

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