Don’t Be A Lazy InstaQueen

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Comments that have nothing to do with the post not only take value away from the post that is being commented on. It also makes the people who read the comment think: a. That person didn’t even read the caption. b. That person is lazy. and c. I don’t want to follow that person. Instead of gaining people who are interested in you and your brand, you’re turning them away because of your superficial engagement. And no one wants to do that on social media. We want to build engaged communities. If your comments don’t add to the discussion or post, don’t make them. If I see one more “great feed” on a post that is the 2nd post ever or “wonderful” on a post where the person says they’re feeling sick or “interesting” on anything other than a post dedicated to alien life forms, I’m gonna scream. Let’s be real, folks. Lazy engagement shows you’re just liking and commenting to get people to like and follow your page. And if that engagement isn’t good, and worse, turns people off, you’re only shooting yourself in the foot. You’d be better off commenting and liking 5 posts with real, authentic commentary than 50 posts with a “thumbs up.”

Be genuine with your comments. If all you’re after is more followers and likes and comments and can’t be authentic, then I think you’ve probably already lost.

Think about it. Rant over.

What do y’all think?


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