4 Ways to Get Your Morning Off to a Better Start

4 Ways to get your morning off to a better start - www.bitchybutbubbly.com
Oh what a beautiful morning! Oh how I’d rather stay in bed! I am the anti-morning person. I can sleep 8+ hours a night and still wake up in a fog and reaching for my phone for just 9 more minutes. PLEASE!

There’s nothing worse than kicking the day off with chaos, and the chaos following throughout the day. I’ve been working on getting a better night’s sleep and starting off my mornings without so much bang. I may not be Mary Poppins happy in the mornings, but these ideas have really helped me start my mornings in a better frame of mind.

Do NOT hit the snooze button.

I know this sounds impossible, but hear me out for a minute. The “sleep” you’re getting with that extra few minutes of snooze time isn’t good sleep. It only makes you even more tired when you finally get up. And I can never make do with just one hit of the snooze button. I almost always end up hitting the button and then running around like a chicken with my head chopped off when I realize I have 20 minutes to get ready for work. So the snooze button is a no go for me now.

Wake up 5-10 minutes earlier.

Again, I realize this sounds like crazy talk. But when I have a few minutes to sit and warm up to the morning instead of rushing into it, I don’t “dread” the morning routine as much. I’m able to collect my thoughts and think about my day. This has made a huge difference in my morning, despite the earlier wake up call. I can have a cup of tea, write in my gratitude journal, or just sit in peace and quiet without being rushed.

Go to bed at a reasonable hour each evening.

I used to go to bed at 10pm on some evenings. The next night, I would stay up until 1:30am binging on Netflix. I was never, ever consistent in my bedtime. However, once I started going to bed at the same time every evening (about 11pm), I found that I had a much easier time getting up the next morning. Consistency is key.

Turn off your cell phone/iPad/tv.

I think this one thing has made the most difference in my mornings. If you’re like me, you decide to go to bed and do 17 other things before you actually jump into bed. Then I would turn on my television and check my Facebook, Instagram, etc. I inevitably would get wound up instead of relaxing and drifting off to sleep. And I would keep checking my phone because I was just laying in bed. It was a terrible cycle. When I stopped watching tv in bed and using my phone, I found that I fell asleep more quickly and got a deeper sleep than I did when falling asleep with the television on. And now, after a few weeks of my no tv/phone zone before bedtime, I sleep more soundly and don’t wake up in the middle of the night. Woohoo!

As a former night owl, I’ve found that a world of difference has been made in my habits in just two or three weeks. Have you tried any of these tips before? What do you do to make your mornings flow as smoothly as possible?

Here’s to good sleep and easy like a Sunday morning mornings!


  1. Darci says:

    I’m a firm believer in morning routines, in fact I just wrote a post about it 🙂 Definitely getting up earlier and taking some time to warm up to the day is key. I just hate waking up to chaos right away. I also agree that going to bed at a decent hour is also really important. Great ideas to start out the day.

  2. PJ Zafra says:

    Mornings are always a challenge for me. Great tips here. I will definitely put them to good use. What works best for me is definitely sleeping a lot earlier. You feel less tired and lazy when you get the proper amount of sleep. Thanks for sharing.

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