2 Quick and Easy Cocktails for a Fabulous Happy Hour

Super Easy Super Delicious Mango margaritas bitchy but bubbly

It’s Wednesday, and I need a cocktail. I know I can’t be the only one feeling that way so I thought I’d share one of my favorite cocktail recipes two ways. Springtime calls for fruity drinks, and a favorite is a Mango Margarita or a Mangorita, as I like to call them. Mango seems to be the new “it” fruit. And who am I to judge? They’re absolutely delicious and make me feel like I’m living on a Carribbean island. P.S. Isn’t a mango the cutest fruit ever?!?!


For the cocktail, all you need is 2 cups of lime juice, 2 cups of tequila, 2 cups of triple sec, 2 cups of mango chunks (fresh is best), sugar, a lime, & ice. I’m a Jose girl, but you can use any white tequila.


Add lime juice, tequila, triple sec, mangos, & ice in the blender. Blend to your desired consistency. Cut the lime, rim your favorite margarita glass with the lime, and dip the glass in the sugar. Then you add the frozen mango margarita, garnish with the lime, & ENJOY! Please note: This makes approximately 8 cocktails so invite a few friends over to enjoy the deliciousness!


If you just read that and thought, “Um. She said quick and easy, right?” It’s ok. I promise that the above recipe is SUPER easy. But if you need an adult beverage stat, fear not. Mangorita #2 is even easier. Just add tequila. This mix is actually really tasty. And if it has a Bitchy but Bubbly stamp of approval, you know it’s good.

Mango mix


Super quick. Super easy. Super delicious. Enjoy, y’all!



  1. halfa1000miles says:

    So…crazy question (mango + margarita is my fave!). Lime juice — meaning juice you squeezed from actual limes? Two cups sounds like a lot. I am the worst squeezer ever. I get like 2 tbsps out of a lemon.

    • Sarah says:

      Heck no! I totally cheat! The lime is to make it look like you squeezed it, but I just use lime juice from the bottle! You can definitely adjust the amount of lime juice depending on your preference! 🙂

  2. Jolina - The Unlikely Baker says:

    I need a cocktail EVERYDAY. Today especially. I personally prefer Patron and I just happen to have a bottle lying around (as if by accident lol). This looks awesome! I just don’t have mangoes boo. So maybe just tequila for now and your fabulous cocktail in the weekend when I’ve had a chance to go grocery shopping!

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