What Do You Love About Yourself?

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On New Year’s Day, I texted a couple of friends and asked them to promise me that they’d make a list of all the things they loved about themselves. And when the dark voice that speaks to us in our minds rears her ugly head and tries to tell us that we’re not good enough or smart enough or nice enough, we’ll go to that list and focus on all the amazing things that we love about ourselves instead of what we don’t like. And if we needed help to start our list, come to friends to help you fill it up. Sounds like an easy idea, right?

Total truth moment: When I sat down to write my list, I sat there for a good three minutes and couldn’t think of anything that I LOVED about myself. Not one damn thing. My mind started to wander to all of the things I hated about myself: my irritability, my overly bitchy nature, my lack of follow through, always being late. I had to stop myself. I think about the things that I hate about myself WAY more than I should. But the point was to focus on all of the good qualities I had. Surely I had a few I could list.

At first, the qualities I listed were kind of “gimme” qualities like my love of family. But the more I sat and focused on what I liked about me, I realized that I love my hearty laugh, the one where it sounds like an animal and I’m likely to snort. I love my imagination, even if she sometimes gets me into trouble, daydreaming at 35 years old. I love the way I get lost in music sometimes, alone in my living room with a big ass speaker and microphone, singing in my favorite t-shirt and underwear, and not giving a shit how it sounds. I’m just enjoying the music and the sound I make when I’m in the zone.

[Tweet “Start a note that says “Things I LOVE About Myself.” And sit there and make your list.”]

The more I listed, the easier it became. But it shocked me how long it took me to find anything I loved about myself. And I realized that the more I focus on the negative aspects of my personality or my life or the things I can’t stand about myself, the more those things will show up in my life. If I focus on those positives, the things I love, the things that make me happy, the more those things will show up. It’s not a tough call which I want in my life.

So I’m asking you to do the same assignment. Open your notes app in your phone because, let’s face it, we always have our phone. Start a note that says “Things I LOVE About Myself.” And sit there and make your list. If you get stuck, find me on Facebook, and we’ll start a list over there. Or reach out to a trusted friend and ask for their help. Keep a list in your journal, in your car, on your bathroom mirror, everywhere. When you begin to swirl on negative thoughts about yourself, open up your list and remember that you are worthy, valued, and loved. And it began with you.

In the comments below, tell me what you love most about yourself. I can’t wait to see! And share this idea with someone who needs to show themselves a little love!





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