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Charleston Food + Wine Festival
I am not what one would call a foodie. I love to eat. I mean, I really LOVE to eat. But froufrou is not my style. I think chicken nuggets and McDonald’s French fries are a delight. I eat seafood from Captain D’s because it’s covered in batter, and I can’t taste the seafood. I began eating eggs approximately 49 weeks ago after refusing to eat them because I thought they’d taste weird. (Note: I love scrambled eggs now. I’m working on expanding my egg cooking methods currently. See blog in 49 weeks.) I’m not wholly opposed to going to a buffet once a year…even if it’s to remind you of why you haven’t been there in a year. Anyway, it’s very safe to say that despite spending some of the most amazing years in what has now become a culinary hotspot – Charleston, SC – I have not always given the more delicate and adventurous plates a chance. I was a non-foodie food snob.

But all that has changed. I tell you before God and my Instagram following, I am a proper foodie now. I have seen the light.

I had the pleasure of attending the Charleston Wine + Food Festival this past weekend. And it was an almost spiritual experience. I went for the champagne. I fell in love with the food.

On Sunday morning, I popped over to Indaco on King Street for the Brosé Brunch with a couple of friends. The pre-foodie snob in me figured that as long as the champagne was flowing, I could make it through the brunch no matter what concoction was served. Priorities people. When I arrived, I promptly got my first glass of rosé and took a look at the menu.

Um…I do like strawberries. And the champagne was delicious. And then it hit me, like a voice from the foodie chef king Emeril Lagasse. BAM! “Try the damn food, Sarah!” Geez. Ok, Emeril.

 So I tried it. And fell in love with real food. Who knew oysters were so amazing? 

Or that eggs al forno, which is Italian for baked eggs, is 1000% better than scrambled eggs?!?

Or that beets and turnips were real veggies you could eat and were absolutely delicious?

Even the pancake dessert was incredible. Like seriously incredible. Like so incredible that I was thrilled when lady seated next to me left and my friends and I could dig in family style and eat up incredible.

If you would have asked me last week if I would have tried half of those dishes, even the ones with clams (which surprisingly tastes like a summer breeze in my mouth or what I now imagine a summer breeze to taste like), I would have asked if you had a prescription for what you were smoking. But like Dr. Houseman on Dirty Dancing, when I’m wrong, I say I’m wrong. And I was wrong.


Real food is good. It’s not froufrou. It’s art. And it’s a delight.

I can’t wait to go again. Now that I have a distinguished palate. #foodiesunite

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