Go Your Own Way, Rhiannon

 Sometimes, you need to feel the feels. This is SO one of those weeks. And Fleetwood Mac has always been that band that let me feel it all. Around since the 60’s and completely rockin’ since the mid-70’s addition of Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, they bring all kinds of feels. From the heartache to the fun to the lovin’ and even the drugs, Fleetwood Mac has it all.

In honor of Werk It Tuesday, I thought I’d share the way I werk out the feels. I’m a huge fan of music blaring and dancing around my house. Sometimes in my underwear. Actually, most often in my underwear. Somehow, you feel a bit more freedom with no pants on. I can honestly say that an hour of Fleetwood Mac can cure most of my ills.

What’s your go-to band to clear your head? Do you use music to relieve stress? Let me know!

Enjoy the Mac. Happy Tuesday, lovelies!


PS. Here’s a photo of me sitting front row at a Lindsey Buckingham concert. Am I the only one that acts like a complete fool in front of famous people?!?

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