Saturday Morning Thoughts

1. I feel pretty positive that I need this truck and camper. If I had them, I would gladly give camping a try. I might even be good at it. Probably not. But I’d look good doing it.

2. Is it just me or is it impossible to sleep in on Saturday morning after you turn 30? It’s practically torture for me to get up Monday through Friday. Yet on Saturday mornings, I rise with the sun. I just don’t get it.

3. What’s the deal with brunch? Is it only brunch if it’s on a Sunday but just a late breakfast any other day of the week? I think a restaurant dedicated to brunch all day, every day would be amazing. Not like IHOP. Well, maybe like IHOP with outside tables with umbrellas and mimosas. I think IHOP should rebrand.

Happy Saturday! What are you lovelies up to?!? I want to know!! I’m stuck in bed and need to live vicariously through y’all until this cold goes away!


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